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About Us

This site was started by me, Carol Carlson. I have found recipes very interesting for a long time. People in general love recipes because everybody likes to eat! Besides that, old cookbooks are fascinating with their slightly stained pages and torn bindings. You can find the favorite recipe pages because that is where the old cookbook automatically opens to.

I love history and am a creative person. When you mix together a story, a recipe with a history, memories, colorful ingredients, good food, wonderful aromas, family and good friends you have the basis of how I came up with the idea for this website.

I have collected recipes for a long time and still am. I have a collection from boxtops, old scraps of paper, index cards, newspapers and the internet. If I know where they came from I will give credit. If I am stepping into anybody's territory and you don't like it, let me know and I will remove the recipe. I hope you will share a recipe or two (or more) with me. Recipes with a story are fun. Thanks for looking at

Carol Carlson